1. How much is shipping? At the current time we charge $2.75 as a fixed shipping and handling charge for orders up to $24.99, and free shipping for orders above $25.00. The online system will automatically add that charge to all orders, but if you select to pick up your order at our home business we will refund the full shipping charge.
  2. Do you ship outside Canada? We ship to Canadian addresses as well as those in the United States. At the current time we do not ship to any other countries.
  3. Do you ship framed photographs? No, we don’t ship framed photographs due to shipping issues. The Crofter, on Bridge St. Sackville have a good selection of our framed photographs. They are open during regular office hours.
  4. Is my credit card safe when I purchase online? When you use our shopping cart system the payment is done using the secure payment system operated by PayPal. We do not hold or receive your credit card information.
  5. I don’t want to open a PayPal account. Can I still purchase with a credit card? You no longer need to open a PayPal account in order to make a payment using their system with your credit card.
  6. I want to order COD. Is that possible? We can’t ship cash on delivery. However, if you want to tell us what you want, and arrange a time to pick up your order from our home based business, we are happy to have you pay when you pick up your order in person.
  7. Is there a cost for using PayPal? There is no cost to you for using PayPal (we do pay a charge for each transaction).
  8. I don’t have a credit card. Can I still pay through PayPal? Yes, if you set up a PayPal account and if you link it to your bank account you can use the PayPal system.
  9. Do I need to add tax? No. There are no additional tax charges (with the limited scope of our business we do not need to register for HST).
  10. I saw something I wanted in your booth at the craft sale, but I don’t see it online. Are all your products shown online? No we only have a subset of our products online. If you tell us what you want by email or telephone we will get right back to you with respect to availability and price.
  11. Are you available to hire for photographic services such as weddings? No, we only do landscape, scientific and building photography.
  12. Are your products printed with photographic or ink processes? Our photographs (whether framed, in mats, or print only) are printed using pigment based long life archival Epson inks on photographic matte paper. While these should be protected in frames and kept out of direct sunlight, they have a longer rated life than common photographic processes. Our calendars, cards, etc. are printed on acid free card stock using normal inks. These would not last as long, but should have a life longer than necessary for these products.
  13. Are you available for hire to do wedding or event photography? No, we do only landscape, nature and still life photography.
  14. How long have you been in business.? We have been in business for more than twelve years, and have been registered as New Brunswick company “Chignecto Creative Services” for that length of time.
  15. Are you a verified business under the PayPal system? Yes.
  16. What else are you involved in? We plan to expand the micro-publishing side of our business, as well as do custom design of book covers. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.
  17. What about your privacy policy? If you communicate with us by email we will not share your name or email address with any other person or business, and we will not send you spam.